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Department of  Science and Technology for the Environment and Territory (STAT)

The STAT Department is devoted to researches concerning the interaction men/environment in all its respects. It provides for different scientific competences all working together to allow a multidisciplinary approach. There are five areas of research:

- Biochemical area

- Geological-geophysical area

- Chemical area

- Ecological area

- Plant-biological area

Fields of concern are slopes’ stability, waters’ management, landscape’s ecology, safeguard of environmental resources and the evaluation of environmental impact, the interaction between plant/environment, ecological researches on local animals, the impact of natural calamities on the territory, etc.

The STAT Department offers the following Doctorate Courses:

- Environment and Territory



Department of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences (SAVA)

Since its institution in 1991, the Department works through the interaction between several subjects such as Physics, Biochemistry, Botanic, Genetics, Animal anatomy and physiology, and professional disciplines characterising the Faculty of Agriculture  in the fields of animal and plant production, transformation of agro-alimentary products and agro-environmental safeguard. The Department aims at contributing to the development of agricultural technologies that may prove compatible with the environmental balance. The research activity of SAVA Department has produced in the past five years more than 600 publications on national and international journals.

The SAVA Department offers the following Doctorate Courses:

- Animal welfare and quality of livestock productions

- Defence and quality of agro-alimentary productions

- Applied biochemistry and chemistry



Department of Agro-Alimentary, Environmental and Microbiological Sciences and Technologies (STAAM)

Instituted in 1989, the STAAM Department caries on activities of scientific research in the Agro-alimentary field, with particular respect to chemical, economic, microbiological and technological aspects. At present it coordinates important national and international research projects, and its activities have been reported on   prestigious scientific journals. It is provided with several laboratories equipped with sophisticated instruments. It remarkably helps the didactical activity and offers valuable tutoring to students. The aim of the research is addressed  agricultural, animal and plant production straight to their use as food products, therefore covering the field of conservation techniques, characterisation, transformation and commercialisation of aliments. It also promotes consulting activities to the benefit of  private and public bodies.  

The STAAM Department offers the following Doctorate Courses:

- Biotechnology of food



Department of Juridical, Social and Administrative Sciences (SGSA)

Founded in 1993 to promote and develop activities of research in the fields of juridical, social and administrative sciences. The more common tasks are the organization of scientific seminars and conferences, the publication and dissemination of researches, to collaborate at the didactic activities with its human and instrumental resources, to organize the doctoral courses.

Between its services the departmental library and the multimedia room.

The SGSA Department offers the following Doctorate Courses:

   - Juridical Institutions and Socio-economical Evolution

  - General principles of the Law, Romanist roots, European codification, Labour Law and Immigration Flows.


Department of Economics, Management and Social Sciences (SEGeS)


Instituted on 1988 as a Department mainly based on economical, juridical, sociological and statistical studies, SEGES has been progressively increasing and defining itself  with the introduction of  new subjects such as English, Geography, Italian Literature, History, Philosophy of Science.

The SEGES Department offers the following Doctorate Courses:

- Theory and Methods for the Analysis of Development

- Organisation, Technology and Development of Human Resources

- Historical Evolution of Accountancy and Business Management Studies



Department of Health Sciences (SPeS)

Instituted in 2004, the Department currently covers the following areas of activity:

·        Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

·        Sanitary Economy and Management

·        Pharmacology

·        Physiology and Human Nutrition

·        Clinical Molecular Genetics

·        Applied and General Hygiene

·        General Pathology

·        Clinical Sciences

The Department mains at supporting the institution of the new Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Molise.



Department of Historic, Human and Social Sciences (SUSS)


Instituted in 2004, the Department promotes, supports and coordinates research activities in the following areas:

·        Linguistics - literature

·        Philosophy

·        History

·        Sociology

·        Pedagogic

·        Psychology

·        Communication studies

·        Cultural Heritage

·        Politics

·        Law

·        Demography and Statistics.