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Governing Boards

Main governing boards are represented by:

  • the Rector, who oversees all the university's main offices and acts as its legal representative,
  • the Deputy Rector, who stands in for the Rector whenever necessary and is appointed by the Rector himself,
  • the Administrative Director, who oversees all administrative services and staff and is responsible of the observance of all rules and regulations;
  • the Senate, which governs the development of the university and oversees its teaching and research activities;
  • the Administrative Board, which is responsible for managing the financial and administrative aspects of the university and for the technical and administrative staff;
  • the Faculties, which organise the teaching of the degree programmes offered and the teaching facilities;
  • the departments, which organise the research programmes for one or more faculties;
  • the Students’ Conference, which examines and expresses its opinion on various aspects of the charter, besides submitting proposals to the Senate and Administrative Board.