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International Activities



The European Commission has provided the University of Molise with the Erasmus University Charter, valid until the Academic Year 2006/2007 included. The partner universities in the frame of Erasmus are 72 at present, over European Countries, including those which were most recently admitted into the E.U.; the outgoing students for the year 2004/2005 are 75, whereas the incoming are 40. Prospective incoming and outgoing students for the Academic Year 2005/06 are still increasing, thanks to the extension of the Bilateral Agreements to other Countries and areas of study. The EUC admits the University of Molise to participate to other actions such as IP, MOD, PROG, DISS.



The University of Molise has been the coordinating Institution of the project Neothemi in the frame of Comenius 3; subject area is the cultural heritage and partners in the project are: Finland, UK, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, France, Germany, Portugal, Norway. For further information, check the website

Within the same frame, at the University of Molise took place the course “Managing European Networks”, addressed to European teachers.



The University of Molise is partner in the following Grundtvig 2 projects:

- STAC, directed towards senior citizens, aiming at fostering the idea of active citizenship and preventing social exclusion and marginalisation. Partners in the project are Belgium, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic.

- ECHANGES DE BONNES PRATIQUES EN ESPACES RURAL, aiming at providing tools to the populations located in rural zones which enable them to live of the valorisation of their inheritance by means of rural tourism.



As a member in the TUCEP consortium, students and graduates from the University of Molise can take advantage of grants which allow them to make stages at firms placed in member states of the EU, or other Countries such as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, )                 



The University of Molise is the coordinator in a Leonardo project denominated “”, for the development of a platform for on-line language teaching.

The University is also partner in the Leonardo project named ISVT, aimed at the construction of a simulator, which reflects the economic processes taking place on the market.



IAU – International Association of Universities

EUA – European Universities Association

CUM – Community of Mediterranean Universities



Cooperation agreements for the development of joint study programmes and exchanges in the frame of students training and research; partners:

- Universidade de Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

- Wisza Szkola Bisznesu – National Louis University (PolandUSA); a summer school has already been carried out last summer within this cooperation.

- Cracow College (Poland)


The University of Molise coordinates the following internationalisation projects:

- The Construction of a model of representation of coast units and the creation of a museum for the national and transfrontier coasts of the Adriatic.

- Analysis, study and comparison of Italian ecosystems with natural, forestry and artificial ecosystems in South America

- Analysis of the competitiveness in tourism in the frame of a sustainable development: comparison between Italy, Spain and Canada.

- Mediterranean School of Forestry

- Development of a system to manage the infestation caused by tsetse fly in Ethiopia.