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The aim of the CORT (Center for Counselling and Tutoring) is to give information to prospective students about course offerings, requirements, and applications, even in co-operation with high schools and through guided visits over the University's structures.


The Registrar office provides students with all the administrative procedures they need to accomplish and with all the forms they need to fill in, which are even downloadable from the internet. They provide information about registration, change of degree programme, study plan and exemption from students fees.


The University has a main library and smaller departmental and interdepartmental ones. The services provided by the libraries include helping with bibliographical research, on line catalogues, loans.


The University encourages study periods abroad as part of the Erasmus programme, meant to promoting co-operation among European Universities. Study periods and exams taken at universities throughout Europe are mutually recognised. The International Relations Office provide users with all information concerning international and mobility programmes, besides taking care of external matters. Inside the section you will find a whole range of forms and info package for International students.


E.S.U. is the regional board which regulates the right to university education, established by the regional law of the 27th of January 1986 n.3 and modified by the regional law of the 9th of August 1991, n.14.Its objective is to guarantee the right to education to the students of the University of Molise, by providing the possibility to attend university and to achieve the highest level of education and professional training.


C.U.S.- Centro Universitario Sportivo , offers facilities to students by paying a little enrolment fee, for the following activities:
athletics, body building, football, gymnastics, karate, judo, basket-ball, handball, volley-ball, rugby, fencing, skiing, tennis, yoga. Swimming is also available through an agreement with the municipal swimming pool.
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C.U.T. - Centro Universitario Teatrale
The University theatre association promotes drama activities among university students, also providing members with facilities such as discounts in several recreational clubs and stores.

The University of Molise promotes musical education among its students; for information contact


The computers of the University are linked up with INTERNET ( As a result it is possible to exchange information with computers all over the world, send e-mail to all Internet users and make connection with all interlibrary networks. The computer centre is also linked up with several databanks; moreover, students are able to carry out on their own most of the practices required for on-line applications and registrations through the internet.


The Disables Office offers to disable students a counselling service meant to integrate them into university life. To disable students are also offered forms of tutoring as:
1. Tutor au pair : a University student who supports and guides the activity of the disable , besides physically helping him/her if needed;
2. Specialised tutor : a tutor professionally qualified to support disables